Chronic Absenteeism

Figure: The chronic absentee rate across all NM Schools.

Data Source: NMPED STARS annual State, Districts, and Schools Attendence Report.

How is New Mexico Doing?

In school year 2022-23, 39.22% of students were chronically absent. This rate is an improvement from school year 2021-22, when the rate was 40.73.

How does New Mexico Compare?

Since the pandemic, chronic absenteeism continues to be a significant problem nationally, with the Education Advisory Board estimating a 33% chronic absentee rate nationwide for the 21-22 school year.

What does this mean?

PED is addressing chronic absenteeism by launching a media campaign to improve attendence, providing statewide interventions for those studetns with the highest absentee rates, and is making grants to districts to implement innovative practices to increase attendence.

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