Report Card & Budget Report

New Mexico Children's Cabinet

The purpose of the Children’s Cabinet is to study and make recommendations for the design of programs that will assist the children of New Mexico. Here you will find a report card that includes information, data and statistics on issues affecting the children of New Mexico, along with a budget report that outlines the various state government programs that focus on tackling all of the issues we discuss within this report.

Explore the Report

The latest report can be accessed as a pdf at the above “Explore the Report”.

The links below navigate to Outcome-specific budget pages. As the full report is a static document, the fiscal data linked below includes corrections and fiscal data up to FY 2023.

FY 2023 spending across all Children’s Cabinet Outcomes totaled $6,920,302,898.30

Healthy New Mexico Children


Healthy refers to physical fitness and mental health.

Educated New Mexico Children


Educated refers to preparedness for and success in school.

Safe New Mexico Children


Safe refers to family and community safety and support.

Supported New Mexico Children


Supported refers to successful transition to purposeful adulthood and employment.

Involved New Mexico Children


Involved refers to valued contributions to and active participation in communities.