Office of African American Affairs (OAAA)

The State Office of African American Affairs (OAAA) serves the community in a multitude of ways. When addressing mobilization pertaining to children and youth, OAAA has partnered with and or participated  in multiple projects or events in FY23.

New Mexico Black Student Alliance Program. The NMBSA is a program centered on increasing the sense of school belonging, academic achievement, and voice for Black/African American students. It has multiple components aimed at accomplishing this with the use of students, parents, and school administrators. It is a service program for students offering state-wide services for Black students’ academic advancement and an advocacy program calling for schools to offer Black Student Alliances. The components include a Black Youth Council (NMBSA), an annual academic competition conference, a parent engagement group, and a social marketing campaign. NMBSA is a collaboration with the NMPED Black Education Act Team.

MLK Youth Leadership Conference: The 2023 MLK Youth Leadership Conference took place on June 1st – 4th in Las Cruces, NM. The purpose of the conference was to empower and educate middle and high school students on developing leadership skills they could utilize in their post-secondary education and beyond. The theme for this year’s conference was DREAM…Determined, Realistic, Eager, Ambitious, Mindset. Over 100 youth attended from across New Mexico. The students participated in educational workshops that focused on concepts such as college readiness, community advocacy, financial literacy, and of course leadership strategies. The students were inspired to pursue a college education through their NMSU college campus visit. The students were also exposed to various cultural experiences that allowed them to express and explore. The youth conference attendees were able to witness the beauty of the White Sands National Park in Alamogordo, NM.

Black Student Act Family Fun Fest Night: The family fun night was an event to celebrate African American Families, family time with youth, enjoying family games, family photos, food, art and craft, and music. It was a celebration of improving outcomes and preserving Black/African American Culture.

Race Amity Festival of Albuquerque:  The Second Annual Race Amity Festival is a cross-racial gathering of the diverse people of New Mexico celebrating connectiveness through dance, music, fellowship, conversations and activities for children and families.

Racial Healing Teen Summit: The purpose of the Teen Summit on Racial Healing was to share stories and experiences and enjoy creative and healthy activities while advancing equity together as a diverse culture.

2023 Juneteenth Celebrations: Juneteenth in New Mexico and around the world is about commemorating the day that the last remaining enslaved people in the U.S. (in Galveston, Texas) received word that the Civil War had ended and they had been liberated by the federal orders in President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. The Office of African American Affairs sponsored several Juneteenth celebration around the state of New Mexico in recognition of end of slavery on June 19, 1865.

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