Teen Births

Figure: The rate of births to teens per 1,000 population, 15-19 years old. Note that 2022 rate is provisional.

Data Source: NM Vital Records, and population estimates, NM- IBIS; https://ibis.doh.nm.gov/indicator/view/BirthTeen.15_19.Year.NM_US.html 

How is New Mexico Doing?

New Mexico teen birth rates continue to decline at a rate higher than declines at the national average. From 2018 to 2022, NM saw an estimated two-point decline in the fertility rate among teens ages 15-19 years.

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How does New Mexico compare to the nation?

Other states on average are leveling out and not decreasing at an appreciable rate compared to NM. Across the US, there was virtually no difference between 2021 and 2022 rates.

What does this mean?

New Mexico efforts to provide long-lasting effective contraceptive options to women of all ages has also resulted in lower rates of unintended pregnancy for the state. Among live births, intended pregnancy increased from 48.7 to 60.7%, statewide (NM PRAMS). For people under the age of 20 years, intended pregnancy prevalence increased from 31 to 36%.